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Mobile Motherboard Problem Repair in Coimbatore

is your Nokia’s battery life poor?

is it constantly getting drained?

don’t sweat it! Here is Kovai Mobiles - The Service Centre for nokia mobile phones Service.

Give it a whirl with some of the best solutions and newest versions offered by the new nokia service centre. Kovai mobiles - the service centre for nokia service embarks on device collection, fixes the issues and delivers it right back at your doorstep.

SERVICE FOR nokia mobile phones

front glass, touch screen and lcd nokia services.

This repair will replace both the front glass and touch screen digitizer/led display on the nokia if in case they have been damaged, such as being split, crushed or broken.

both external touch screen/lcd and back housing nokia mobile service

The outer touch /glass screen and internal lcd screen will be traded by the revamped version and furthermore the complete back housing (black or white) blending both the glass and plastic layer beneath it will be replaced. If the external screen is cracked, scratched or the internal screen is broken, it can be difficult to use the device. in such cases you may need to contact the manufacturers supporters’ team for assistance.

We can wholly revitalize your nokia to white or black. This convert includes: front glass/ touch screen and lcd- home button back housing.

power button nokia mobile service

We offer comprehensive solutions for any issues pertaining to the power button depict or its backing on your nokia device.

headphone/antenna nokia mobile service

We provide extensive solutions to any issue with the headphone jack on your nokia device. Additionally, we can troubleshoot the reception apparatus on your device to resolves issues with wi-fi connectivity or signal.

camera nokia mobile service

Camera repair will barter the front camera assuming that it is malfunctioning and the repair will substitute the back polaroid in the event that it is damaged. battery/charging port nokia mobile service.

This repair will overthrow the electric cell (battery) if your is not persisting long enough between charges.

volume and mute button nokia mobile volume service

Furthermore, we will mend any issue associating with the volume/mute control.

Microphone nokia mobile service

This repair will modify the problem of individuals acoustically challenged when you call them.

speaker nokia mobile service

If the speaker on your nokia is no longer in a working condition when either music is being played or a phone is we will be reinstating it for you.

earphone nokia mobile service

We will refurbish the earphone on your nokia in case you can’t make out what people are conversing during phone calls.

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